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When Kate “ACunningPlan” Cunningham sparks up an online friendship with a fellow fanfiction writer it seems like the perfect distraction from a summer stuck in her hometown, not to mention the coming terrors of her final year of university and the Real Adult Future beyond. (Seriously, please don’t mention them.) After all, Hella--Enchanted is funny, smart and writes canon-divergent werewolf fic like no one else. She’s everything a fandom could ask for.


But... what if she’s everything Kate could ask for, too?


Me and AU is a limited-run audio romance featuring a largely Canadian and majority LGBT+ cast and crew. The show explores growing up, the ways stories bring us together — and whether or not that one guy from Selkirk, the best Canadian paranormal TV show no one is watching, might really be a werewolf.



Email: procyonpodcastnetwork at 

Series Length: 15 episodes

Average Episode Length: About 15 minutes

Episode transcripts available on website

Release Schedule / Download

All episodes of Me and AU have been released and the full series is available to stream and download. Find episodes at, on Spreaker or via podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. 


Social Media

Twitter: @MeandAUPod


Image Library

Kate - Philomena Sherwood

Ella - Elissa Park 

Whitney - Misha Bakshi

Stuart - Puck Malamud

Tony - Ben Moody

Garrett - Sam Nguyen 

Jodi - Nisa Nijab

Also featuring Nadine El-Amami, Sabrina Wan and others.


Andrea Klassen previously co-created Procyon's audio drama thriller Station to Station and has written for the anthology fiction podcast Supernatural Sexuality with Dr. Seabrooke and the fitness app Zombies,Run! She is based in British Columbia, Canada. During the making of this podcast she procrastinated by writing more than 60,000 words of Critical Role fanfiction. Find her on Twitter @AndreaThisWeek.

The Procyon Podcast Network was created in the fall of 2016, when a group of audio drama enthusiasts came together on social media to discuss the kind of audio dramas they wished they were hearing. Together, the creative teams behind Station to Station, The Strange Case of Starship Iris and Under Pressure raised more than $5,000 on Kickstarter to greenlight the first seasons of their shows, with a promise of stories featuring strong roles for women, people of colour and the LGBT+ community. 

Production team

Written, edited and directed by ANDREA KLASSEN
Sound design and engineering by ERIN BAUMANN
Logo design by ALEX YUN


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