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Rocket Booster is currently closed.

Creating your first audio fiction podcast is fun, exhilarating… and sometimes a little terrifying. If you’re a new creator of audio drama, the Racconstronauts at Procyon Podcast Network want to offer you some of the support that kept us going as we were writing our first seasons.

Writing audio drama is great! But it can also make you feel like you and your script have been shipped out to Mars in a tin can for a solo orbit — especially by the time you get to episode five or six.

That’s where the Rocket Booster Program comes in!

We’re offering free one-on-one script consultations to new creators of audio fiction. Selected creators will be offered a one-hour Skype consultation with a Procyon creator to discuss their show and talk about the podcasting process, as well as a set of detailed script notes.

Our goal is to help you craft podcast scripts that meet your storytelling goals and set you up for success once blast through the asteroid belt into the auditioning, recording and production phases of your show.

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