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A. Bajo

A. Bajo is a fairly recent graphic design graduate in their mid 20's currently based in Nuevo Leon, Mexico fumbling around with their day job, their interest in film editing, voice work and crafts while also looking to possibly relocate somewhere that will take them, their two dogs and their healthy hermit lifestyle. They enjoy lurking, are exceptionally passionate about cooking, bee populations in their region and, for some odd reason, puppets, and enjoy those sweet moments of respite from their all-encompassing never-ending existential dread.


Jessica Best

Jessica Best is a freelance writer/editor, an amateur singer/songwriter and a well-intentioned ball of pure quivering anxiety. She is based out of the American Midwest. In addition to her work with Procyon, she is a staff writer on Hartlife NFP's critically-acclaimed podcast Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery. To stay updated about upcoming projects and occasionally read live tweet threads of her cooking adventures/disasters, follow @jesserbest.


Margaret Clarke

Margaret Clark is a 20-something humanities student who splits her time between the two largest states in the union. She has recently realized that her love of crime procedurals probably stems from her childhood obsession with Scooby Doo. She doesn’t trust sedans or sans serif fonts and gets emotional about in-home robots (including her parents roomba, Agador). Margaret thinks that the best way to tell a story is also the best way to have a potluck: together, with everyone bringing something to share.


Andrea Klassen

Andrea Klassen is a recovering former newspaper reporter and newly expatriate Canadian based in the Bay Area. Their interests include knitting, trashy mystery novels and trying to convince other people Canadian history is interesting (if also pretty gross a lot of the time).  She is the co-creator of Station to Station and creator of Me and AU. You can find them on Twitter @AndreaThisWeek.


Erin S.

Erin S is a musician, sound tech, and monster enthusiast floating in a void apart from time in the San Francisco Bay Area. She can most often be found caring for her geckos, having unnecessarily strong opinions about synesthesia, and performing one-woman renditions of Broadway hits in her kitchen. Procyon is her first foray into the wonderful world of podcasting, and she is delighted to be onboard!


Phoebe Seiders

Phoebe Seiders is a 35-year-old resident of Seattle, Washington, the city where our football team has an official kombucha brand. She now works for an email service provider by day, spends far too much time on video games by night, and has an endless fascination with the ways stories and storytelling evolve (and remain the same) as technology advances.


Alex Yun

Alex Yun is a newly graduated student in her late 20's working in Hong Kong, in an industry almost completely unrelated to her field of study. She is an amateur photographer and professional procrastinator who is good with languages, bad with kids, loves weird idioms, and gets emotional about found families. She grew up in a university town in Sweden and as such has an unhealthy obsession with big cities


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