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When Kate "ACunningPlan" Cunningham sparks up an online friendship with a fellow fanfiction writer it seems like the perfect distraction from a summer stuck in her hometown, not to mention the coming terrors of her final year of university and the Real Adult Future beyond. (Seriously, please don’t mention them.) After all, Hella--Enchanted is funny, smart and writes canon-divergent werewolf fic like no one else. She’s everything a fangirl could ask for. 


But... what if she’s everything Kate could ask for, too?


Me and AU is a queer coming-of-age romance with a fandom twist.


All episodes are available to stream or download.


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Philomena is a 21-year-old English student based out of Ontario, Canada. In the spare moments between studying for her English degree and teaching piano, she enjoys hiking in local provincial parks, knitting, and yelling about Barbie movies on the internet.


Elissa Park is a Toronto based voice actress who has been in such works as Nym's Nebulous Notions, and Moonbase Theta Out. As someone who's stayed up before for over 24 hrs reading fanfiction, they are excited to be involved in this fandom filled podcast! Here's hoping your listener relationship with Me and AU is a friends to lovers one, or at least as 80k slowburn coffee shop one.


Misha Bakshi… WHITNEY

Misha (@MishasVoice) is an actor and singer for stage, film and voiceover. An acting student pursuing her honours degree in theatre, an advocate for social justice, and a life-long story fanatic, Misha hopes to use acting as an avenue to elevate and highlight the stories of marginalized people. This is just one step in her master plan to become a C-list celebrity. When not pretending to be other people, Misha can be found in front of the camera in other ways, such as cosplay, modeling, and elegant gothic lolita fashion! 


Puck Malamud… STUART

Puck Malamud is a (fanfiction and poetry) writer and librarian based on the East Coast of the United States. Ve is on the podcast team of Break Room Chats, the podcast of the Library Leadership and Management Association’s New Professionals Community of Practice. Me and AU is vis first voice acting credit. When not cataloging materials for work, Puck can often be found reading, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and crying about fictional characters. You can find Puck on twitter and tumblr at @theleakypen, where ve can treat you to an ongoing rotation of vis current obsessions.

Ben Moody… TONY, Selkirk

Ben Moody is a 30-something aspiring artist, singer, and jack-of-all-trades from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Anthropology and English, and is currently a student teacher. He spends his free time writing songs, singing in a choir, painting ceramics, crocheting, and volunteering within his local LGBTQ community. His favorite band is The Decemberists.


Sam B. Nguyen… GARRETT, Selkirk

Playing roles ranging from the awkward Harry Kowalski in the audio drama Among the Stars and Bones to the imposing Plutone in the staged opera Euridice (Peri), Sam B. Nguyen is a voice actor and singer well versed in the art of storytelling through his voice alone. With dual degrees in Communication and Music, Nguyen approaches his voice with a combination of head-driven academic training and heart-driven passion. Nguyen's love for voice work is only rivaled by his love for narrative, and though he has yet to dedicate , years of story analysis grant him a perspective into the characters he plays and the motivations that drive them.

Nisa Najib… JODI, Selkirk

Nisa was born in Montral and grew up between Morocco and Canada before establishing herself in Canada for good at 17. She is a video game fanatic and has been streaming video games to her small community for a little over a year while studying computer science and pursuing her passion for acting.

Also featuring the voices of Nadine El-Amami, Sabrina Wan and others.
Andrea Klassen... CREATOR
Erin Baumann... SOUND DESIGNER
Samantha Jean Rivers... THEME
Alex Yun... LOGO
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